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Total Cost of Ownership

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Total Cost of Ownership

This is what we found on the internet as to how much a typical WordPress web site and an e-commerce really cost? This is what Codeable says...

We do not charge this price for a great website.  Go to the bottom of the page for what we say should be the cost!

WordPress History. WordPress started as a blogging platform, but quickly developed from this single purpose and became a versatile program for creating various websites, from portfolios to webstores. This is possible thanks to numerous plug-ins which can add any kind of functionality to the site. There are social plugins, commenting systems, SEO packs, safety plugins and much more.

Now, this is what we can do...

Want a web site or store for less $$$

How about less than $600 for a 5 page web site?

How about less than $1000 for a 10 page Business web site?

Add an ecommerce store?

How about less than $2000 for a fully functional 10 page store?

Still Interested in SAVING money?

Contact us for information and ask about our monthly payment plan.

A great web site or store can cost MUCH less than you think!

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