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The 7 Things You Need from Your Website Builder / Designer / Marketer…

1. Experience and Qualifications

There are thousands of website builders available if you search online.  You can get a “cheap” website from India.  You can get a cheap or expensive website from a new designer from almost anywhere.  You can buy a “build and goodbye” website from someone you will never see again.  You can “Do It Yourself”.
Building a Website Can Be Agony for You…
Website Design Is Never Finished…
But It Should Be an Easy and Exciting Process…
Answer One Question “Yes” or “No” to Determine the Website You Need…
Do You Want a Website That Will Work…
If you answered “No”, then you are in the wrong place.  Go back to your searching…
If you answered “Yes”, then stay tuned and keep reading.  You are in the perfect place.
At Global Soft Technologies, we have the experience and qualifications to build you a one-of-a-kind “Forever” website and marketing program.  This will only end when you retire and enjoy the fruits of a rewarding and successful business “partnership” career with us.

Our team has over 20 years (since 1996) of experience building, hosting, and maintaining successful websites of all kinds.  We know the jargon.  We have the tools for any website you might need.

Our team has over 16 years (since 1999) experience in marketing, sales management, and client consulting.  We know the jargon.  We have the tools to “brand” and promote your business and website.

We have run our own businesses successfully for many years.    
2. Here is What Some of Our Clients Say About Us…

Out of 5 stars
Customer Service
Ron has provided the best service possible with the building of my website and pointing me in the right direction as far as contact and the best ways to reach my clients. If any problems arouse he was always there to fix it.
Dick A. on October 24, 2016

3. Why Do We Do This?

We enjoy watching clients meet or exceed their goals and feel success. We love to see their smiles when they actually understand the process and can evaluate real success as opposed to having their consultant say "Trust me, it's great!"
We want this so that we can help the maximum number of small business owners, like you, to have the best marketing possible to compete with the other businesses. And to make the most possible profit.

4. How Do We Do This?

This can be a quick process or a long process, depending on your needs and how complicated your business is.  But we will make sure you are involved and enjoying every step of the way.  After all, isn’t it exciting to create the path to your future success?

5.  What We Do… Our Service Details

We will take the time to:
1.  Completely evaluate your business.
a.  Its history
b.  Your business “personality”
c.  Its Customer Persona (Ideal Customer as well as Usual Customer)
d.  Its current position
e.  Its current marketing (including signs and other advertising). We often find duplicate marketing, especially if you deal with more than one marketing vendor. This is common when you “trust” them.
f.   Its current website (if there is one). Its hosting and capacity.
g.  Your geography and demographics. There is no generic location. Every market area is different.
2.  Research characteristics for your Customer Persona. We need to focus your message to educate and be aware of the customer desires, needs, and concerns.
3.  Determine your biggest needs and concerns as well as your goals.
4.  Plan a strategy that will address all of this in the context of your business.
5.  Plan construction of your website to maximize the user (customer) experience. The website should flow with what the customer is looking for.
6.  Provide recommendation and get your agreement.
7.  Get to work making it happen.

6. Our “Forever Website” and Marketing

Now we come to the ultimate difference between our company and any other.
We plan to work for you until you no longer need a website or marketing. We will continually provide you our loyalty in our “partnership”. We will not disappear after you get your website operational.

We will:
1.  Manage your visibility, branding, and image enhancement.
2.  Manage your Social marketing.
3.  Make sure you get the best search locations and positions possible.
4.  Manage your reputation and reviews.
5.  Educate your staff and employees about their roles in your success.
6.  Change any of the above to reflect changes in the market or your business goals.

We will:
1.  Continually make sure your website has the best technology to meet your needs.
2.  Rebuild your website every two years (if necessary) or any time after that.
3.  Downgrade or Upgrade your plan to reflect changes in your business.

You will not see these features anywhere else. You will not receive this kind of service and loyalty anywhere else.
That is the nature of our “partnership” team. We have a vested interest in your success. That is why we will do everything possible to assure you get the best of our abilities.

7. Our Guarantee

If, at any time in the setup process, you feel that we are not giving you our best effort…

We will refund everything you have paid from the point of the last approved step.  If, at any time, after the initial setup is complete, you feel we are not giving our best effort and attitude, and it cannot be corrected, you can cancel and pay no future agreed charges.

Again, our goal is to create a partnership for success. Please feel free to make suggestions at any time for how we can make the partnership more valuable or the process more profitable.

The Next Step is preparing for YOUR Plan…
Complete the form below for a free consultation to begin this process…

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