Category Consolidation of listings Category consolidation - Moving listings from one category to another.   List listings in wrong... Changing color in pricelist custom fields Add a custom field:    <b style="color=#83737">Everything from basic plan</b>... Events placement You can place the events in the sidebar or in the listing area from the admin dashboard <... General and Maintenance Plan Support - What is provided? Maintenance and General support plans are charged at hourly rates and can include the following:... Google Recaptcha Logo move location In the General css area add the following .grecaptcha-badge {     bottom:65px !important; } How to Deactivate All Plugins When Not Able to Access WP-Admin Do you need to deactivate all WordPress plugins, but you cannot access the WordPress admin area?... How to get a Google Maps API Get your Google Maps API Key here... you will need ccard to order for free... ListingPro Knowledgebase ListingPro References   ListingPro Pre-Sales FAQs:... Listingpro license reactivation For Licence reset please go to your database wp_options table Search for these parameters one by... Loco or WPML translation Information Design has placed the dummy text in the theme strings and provided the complete language file... Recommended plugins used with ListingPro Recommended plugins used in addition to ListingPro (optional free install with our maintenance... Schema setup with SEOpress Pro Schema  setup with seopress   Service - services Post type = pages   Service name= post... What are the recommended image sizes for ListingPro? Some users may face issues while uploading image files to be shown on homepage and categories.... eMail not sending error There is an issue with the php email that comes with wordpress.The email default that comes with... Youtube Videos For Videos on ListingPro Directory, go to ListingPro WP - YouTube For Videos on Adforest...
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