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Integrity Monitoring, Auditing, & Alerts

Lesson 5

There are a number of tools you can use to help identify when something has gone wrong on your website.

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Integrity Monitoring

Integrity checks are an important aspect of auditing your WordPress installation and can give you an early warning of an intrusion on your website.

File Integrity Monitoring tools are normally installed on a server where they create a baseline cryptographic checksum of the critical files and registry entries. If a file or record is modified, you’ll receive a notification of any changes.

You can install the free Sucuri Scanner plugin for WordPress to use our core file integrity monitoring system..

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Auditing / Alerts

Auditing tools give you visibility into user activity on the website. We cannot stress enough the importance of logging activity.

Use a tool that logs and alerts you of any actions taken on your website, including user authentication success and failures, user creation, file uploads, and any other site modifications.

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Response and Recovery Plan

Response and recovery isn’t just about responding to a compromise or incident. It’s about analyzing the impacts of an attack to understand what happened, then implementing controls to prevent it from happening again.

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We actively maintain a free WordPress Security Plugin that includes all of the features listed above to enhance security and identify indicators of compromise.

If you believe your WordPress site has been hacked, read our How to Clean a WordPress Hack guide or reach out to our incident response team. Our professional Security Analysts are available 24/7/365.

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